Outgoing Prince George’s Council Considers Stormwater Regulations

An October 26 Washington Post article discusses the many issues being considered by the outgoing Prince George’s County Council, including implementation of new county stormwater regulations.

Prince George’s County Council members are planning to vote on several controversial bills just before many of the members leave office in December because of term limits. …

The council is to consider the bills during a marathon session Tuesday.

“This is probably the longest physical agenda that I’ve seen,” said Chairman Thomas E. Dernoga (D-Laurel), who is leaving. …

The building community is in an uproar over a bill introduced by Dernoga that would put Prince George’s stormwater management regulations on par with Montgomery County’s. Builders say the legislation could halt development.

Dernoga said it has the support of municipal leaders. “It’s good enough for Montgomery County, but not good enough for Prince George’s?” he asked. The developers “live in Montgomery County, but they want less quality development in Prince George’s.”

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