Emergency Reg Changes When Early Votes Must be Tallied

The tabulation of early-voting totals, which caused delays in tallying votes in the primary election, should not be a problem in the general.  As reported by the Gazette, the State Board of Elections approved an emergency regulation requiring all early-voting totals to be processed and submitted two hours before polls close on the night of the general election.

For the general election, local boards will be permitted to start canvassing early votes anytime on Election Day, Nov. 2. They must submit figures to the state elections board by 6 p.m., allowing several hours for officials to upload and properly format the results before they are posted online once polls close at 8 p.m.

“We recognize that people are anxious for this information and part of how we’re going to be judged is how quickly this information gets out,” Ross K. Goldstein, the deputy state elections administrator, said Monday.

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