Southern Maryland General Election Round-Up

Check out this breakdown of county commissioner elections in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties. 

Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties compose the heart of Southern Maryland. Below is a breakdown of election results for each jurisdiction’s board of commissioners.


Calvert County

Calvert County will see two incumbents and three newcomers when the board reorganizes. All five seats will be held by Republicans.

Commissioners at Large – Hance and Ireland Win

Calvert County has two commissioners elected at large. Republican incumbent Earl “Buddy” Hance (35.17 percent) and newcomer Todd Ireland (33.05 percent) defeated Democrats Chelsea Anne Montague (18.31 percent) and Emad Emile Dides (12.88 percent).

District 1 – Hart Wins

Incumbent Mike Hart (R) bested Tricia V. Powell (D), 63.88 percent to 36.03 percent.

District 2 – Cox Wins

Newcomer Mark C. Cox, Sr. (R) beat David M. Gray (D), 64.25 percent to 35.69 percent.

District 3 – Grasso Wins

Newcomer Catherine Grasso (R) defeated Darrell Roberts (D), 62.59 percent to 37.32 percent.


Charles County

Democrats will retain total control over the Charles County Board of Commissioners. Ralph E. Patterson from District 4 is the only newcomer, as incumbents won both at large and in their districts.

County Commissioner President – Collins Wins

Incumbent and current Commissioner President, Reuben B. Collins, II (D), bested his rival Joe Crawford (R), 64.89 percent to 34.94 percent.

District 1 – Bowling Wins

Incumbent Gilbert BJ Bowling (D) defeated challenger Paul Genevie (R), 68 percent to 31.79 percent.

District 2 – Coates Wins

Incumbent Thomasina “Sina” Coates, II (D), bested her rival Alexandra Rak (R), 65.09 percent to 34.80 percent.

District 3 – Stewart Wins

Incumbent Amanda Stewart (D) had no rival and won reelection.

District 4 – Patterson Wins

Newcomer Ralph E. Patterson, II (D) won against challenger Stacey A. Lehn (R), 64.56 percent to 35.24 percent.


St.Mary’s County 

St. Mary’s County voters have returned one-party Republican control to their county government. Three incumbents and two newcomers will compose the incoming board.

County Commissioner President – Guy

Incumbent and MACo Board Member Randy Guy (R) defeated his opponent Natalie Weech (D), 72.86 percent to 26.02 percent.

District 1 – Colvin Wins  

Incumbent Eric Scott Colvin (R) bested Sheila A. Milburn (D), 67.62 percent to 32.31 percent.

District 2 – Hewitt Wins 

Incumbent Michael L. Hewitt (R) bested Brandon E. Russell (D), 64.49 percent to 35.21 percent.

District 3 – Alderson

Newcomer Mike Alderson, Jr. bested two other candidates in the Republican primary over the summer and was unchallenged in the General Election.

District 4 – Ostrow v. Tuttle

Newcomer Scott R. Ostrow (R) defeated Steve W. Tuttle (D), 64.57 percent to 35.36 percent.

Also, outgoing Commissioner Todd Morgan won his race in District 29A. He will be an incoming member of the House of Delegates.

MACo’s election coverage and analysis rely on unofficial results published by the State Board of Elections. Official results will follow after a full accounting of pending votes. MACo advises readers that any close unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead.