Wicomico County Recogonized as a “100 Best” Community

On September 21st, Wicomico County was recognized as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance100 Best is a designation awarded to those communities that demonstrate a strong commitment to assisting young adults and children reach their full potential. The County, along with the City of Salisbury, have established a number of partnerships to provide young people with the resources to succeed. President and CEO of America’s Promise Alliance, Marguerite Kondrake stated:

“Through its innovative and far-reaching programs, Wicomico County/Salisbury is taking bold and effective steps to help their young people graduate and lead healthy, productive lives. Wicomico County/Salisbury serves as an example to inspire and educate other communities across the nation to tackle the challenges facing their city and children, and to implement initiatives that give them the essential resources they need to succeed in life.”

  Mayor James Ireton and County Executive Richard Pollitt, Jr., who accepted the award stated:

“Upon being informed of the “100 Best” designation, I am absolutely delighted to join Mayor Ireton in celebrating our 4th selection in 5 years as one of America’s ‘100 Best Communities for Young People.’ I salute Dr. George Whitehead and all of our dedicated citizens who have worked so hard to make Wicomico County and Salisbury a place of hope and promise for our most valuable asset, our young people. While it is wonderful to receive awards and recognition, the best thing about this is that our community is, as Ms.(Marguerite) Kondracke stated, consistently giving our youth the essential resources they need to succeed in life.”

Salisbury Mayor James Ireton said, “This is great news! Our 100 Best Communities for Young People award is possible due to our greatest asset: our citizens. On the heels of Salisbury’s All-America City award, national experts know that this community is moving forward, facing challenges, and continuing the investment in our young people. Congratulations, Wicomico County!”  

 A few notable programs include:

  • The Wicomico Partnership for Families and Children which  provides over 1,000 youth development and leadership programs and services.
  • Salisbury’s Promise: Alliance for Youth creates partnerships between schools and faith-based groups.
  • Wicomico County Mentoring Project places adults in schools to motivate students.

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