MDP Releases PlanMaryland Public Forum Results

The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) has published a summary of the group discussions and comments it received during its PlanMaryland public forums.  PlanMaryland:  What We’re Hearing also provides demographic information on those who attended each of the 13 forums and shows how forum participants ranked each of the 12 planning visions that were adopted during the 2009 Session.  The three most important visions, as determined by the participants, are: 

(1) Quality of Life and Sustainability:  A high quality of life is achieved through universal stewardship of the land, water, and air resulting in sustainable communities and protection of the environment.

(2) Community Design: Compact, mixed–use, walkable design consistent with existing community character and located near available or planned transit options is encouraged to ensure efficient use of land and transportation resources and preservation and enhancement of natural systems, open spaces, recreational areas, and historical, cultural, and archeological resources.

(3) Economic Development: Economic development and natural resource–based businesses that promote employment opportunities for all income levels within the capacity of the State’s natural resources, public services, and public facilities are encouraged.

MDP also presents a series of broad goals and objectives that PlanMaryland should accomplish.  A preliminary draft of the plan is set to be released for early 2011, with the final draft of the plan set for mid 2011.

PlanMaryland Website

PlanMaryland:  What is It? Booklet (MDP)

Why Do We Need PlanMaryland? Poster & Map (MDP)

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