Baltimore County Enacts Lobbying and Negotiations Ban For Those Convicted of Crimes

An August 2 Towson Times article details the Baltimore County Council’s recently passed law banning those convicted of certain crimes or ethics violations from lobbying or negotiating with the County.  Among those affected are Michael Day, the head of the union representing Baltimore County firefighters, and lobbyist Bruce Bereano.

The bill affects county ethics law and bars anyone who pleads guilty to or is convicted of certain crimes from representing a union in negotiations with the county, entering into a contract with the county, or lobbying the county. …

The council passed the Gardina bill by a vote of 6-1, with Councilman Ken Oliver the only council member voting against the measure.

After the meeting, Oliver said he voted against the bill because it targeted specific individuals.

“That bill targeted two individuals — Mike Day and Bruce Bereano,” Oliver said. “We shouldn’t be in the business of being judge, jury and executioner. It’s that simple.”

Gardina said it was not his intent to target anyone, but acknowledged that the law would apply to both the lobbyist and the union head.

June 2 Baltimore Sun Editorial expressing concerns about the bill

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