MACo Attends Mid-Shore PlanMaryland Forum

MACo Associate Director Les Knapp attended the Mid-Shore PlanMaryland Forum that was held at Chesapeake College on May 12.  As previously reported, the Maryland Department of Planning is holding a series of public forums across the State as part of its process to create a State land use plan.  The forums consist of a “meet and greet” session, a demographics poll conducted with remote keypad devices, and a series of roundtable discussions where participants identify the three most important State planning visions and discuss what is and what is not working under the current planning system.  Participants are also encouraged to identify possible solutions to planning challenges.  Results are tabulated and shared with the audience.

The Mid-Shore discussion encompassed a wide range of viewpoints and ideas.  Several county and municipal planners and planning commissioners were in attendance.  Delegate Dick Sossi also partcipated.

As of now, five more forums are scheduled for the Upper Shore and Central and Western Maryland.  Information on the forums can be found  here.

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