Frederick and Talbot Counties withdraw MOE waiver requests

Both Frederick and Talbot County have withdrawn their Maintenance of Effort “Letter of Intent” request to the State Board of Education.  Three counties, Dorchester, Montgomery, and Wicomico completed and submitted their waiver requests to the State Board.  Frederick County Commissioners withdrew their request when the School Board agreed to give back approximately $3 million, according to an article in the Gazette.

Frederick County Schools Superintendent Linda Burgee thanked commissioners for withdrawing the waiver request. “We would not be here in that better place without your cooperation,” she said. “…Adequate funding for education cannot be viewed as a luxury. It’s a necessity.”

Commissioners have agreed to drop their request for a waiver, and give the school system $219.8 million, in exchange for the school system giving the county back $3 million for its fiscal 2011 budget.

Information on all MOE waivers requests as filed, are available on the MSDE website.

The Board of Education will issue decisions by May 30.

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