LGIT Unveils Maryland Local Government Health Cooperative

The Local Government Insurance Trust, an organization co-founded by MACo and MML to ensure stable and affordable insurance offerings to its Maryland local government members, has recently announced the creation of the Maryland Local Government Health Cooperative. The health Co-Op is a new product developed with Benecon, a health management and consultant headquartered in Pennsylvania (and running similar Co-Ops there), and partnering with Cigna Healthcare.

From LGIT’s Spring Newsletter:

The Health Co-op model has been extremely successful in Pennsylvania, where several local governments have joined together to share loss and administrative costs, without the possibility of an assessment. According to Fred Bean, BENECON’s Senior Vice President of Government Business, the model works because of stable pricing, attentive service, member ownership and the best business model available. BENECON first developed this model in 1991 and currently administers three public sector cooperatives for over 220 public entities. Bean also stated that BENECON has had only two local governments drop out of its Cooperatives during that time.

For more information on the Health Co-Op, or to schedule a presentation on this new offering, please contact Robin Richardson, Senior Consultant for BENECON, at (888) 400-4647, or Marsha Carpenter, Human Resources Manager for LGIT at (800) 673-8231.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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