Scrap Metal Implementation Begins

A workgroup, composed of the Maryland State Police, Baltimore City Police, Baltimore County Police, the Maryland Chiefs and Sheriffs Association, the Maryland Municipal League, and MACo, met yesterday to begin working on the implementation of the scrap metal legislation.  SB 99, which passed on the last day of the session, provides for statewide regulation of scrap metal dealers.  The Maryland State Police (MSP) is providing statewide coordination and oversight for the bill’s implementation.

As passed by the General Assembly,  local governments have the authority to license junk dealers and scrap metal processors.  However, this new State law supersedes any local laws that a jurisdiction may have in effect with respect to the regulation of the resale of junk or scrap metal.  The bill also requires local governments to designate by resolution the primary law enforcement unit to receive records as specified by the bill.

The workgroup is in the process of pulling together pertinent information to assist local governments with implementing this legislation.  This will include an overview of the bill and its specific requirements, a guidance document, a listing of currently licensed scrap metal dealers, a resolution template, and the licensing structures in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  Once available, this information will be posted on the MACo blog.

For ease of implementation, MSP is proposing  that the Regional Automated Property Information Database (RAPID) be used and that the current primary law enforcement designations under this system apply.  The links below contain the RAPID Standard Operating Procedures and primary law enforcement designations.

RAPID Standard Operating Procedures
Primary Law Enforcement Designations for RAPID

Scrap metal dealers contacting local law enforcement for registration purposes can be referred to the RAPID Help Desk at or 443-986-1427.

The workgroup is also trying to determine which local governments currently license and/or regulate scrap metal dealers.  If your local government currently has a local law in place for the licensing or regulation of scrap metal dealers, or a local law that designates a primary law enforcement unit, please email this information to Michele Dinkel, Research Associate, MACo, at

Once all local jurisdictions approve a resolution designating the primary law enforcement unit, MSP will convene a meeting to further discuss implementation of the bill.  This is an emergency bill which will take effect on the day the Governor signs it.  This could be as early as May 4, 2010.

Stay tuned to the MACo blog, Conduit Street, for more information.

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