Wicomico County Executive Releases His FY 2011 Budget Proposal

Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt released his FY 2011 budget plan which lays off 17 employees and makes significant reductions in education funding.

The executive’s $113 million budget proposal next goes to the County Council. The plan, shaped by a roughly $7.7 million drop in revenue, cuts from practically all spending categories, including the Sheriff’s Office and Department of Corrections.

The proposed budget plan does not raise the property tax rate, although Pollitt would have been permitted to do so this year. Instead, he recommend increasing many “user fees,” such as the tipping fee at the Newland Park Landfill from $55 to $60, youth sports program rates from $40 to $65 and fees for mosquito spraying. He also suggested the county explore establishing a permit process to charge for the use of county boat ramps.

Pollitt, in a letter to the council sent along with his budget, says county schools would face a “cut of historic proportions” in his plan. Pollitt characterized the $6.7 million cut in appropriations as “regrettable,” especially since it might lead to schools losing another $1.5 million in state funding because of Maintenance of Effort provisions.

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