Compromise Reached on House Transportation Planning Bill

MACo has dropped its opposition to HB 1155 after reaching an agreement over bill amendments with the bill’s sponsor, Delegate Steve Lafferty, and various proponents.  MACo’s primary concerns were the creation of performance measures for local government major transportation projects and the cost and effort required by local public works departments to justify their projects.

The amendments remove these concerns.  Local governments are now only required to submit a brief summary for major transportation projects detailing:  (1) the location of the project; (2) the project necessity; and (3) how the project addresses State transportation goals and supports local government land use plans and goals.  Additionally, when evaluating projects, the Maryland Department of Transportation must acknowledge the difference between urban and rural transportation needs.     

The House adopted the compromise amendments but has not yet voted on the amended bill.  The compromise must also be accepted by the Senate.  The cross-file of HB 1155 is SB 760.

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