Federal Task Force On Childhood Obesity Reaching Out To Counties

In an effort to battle childhood obesity, a struggle that is affecting an increasing number of American families, the Federal Task Force on Childhood Obesity is asking for public input on how to formulate a combative plan.  As part of the The First Lady’s initiative, she states that she would like to see an end to childhood obesity within ten years.  NACo reports that the plan addresses the following:

 “(1) ensuring access to healthy, affordable food
(2) increasing physical activity in schools and communities
(3) providing healthier food in schools
(4) empowering parents with information and tools to make good choices for themselves and their families.”

The Federal Task Force on Childhood Obesity is reaching out to county officials to provide input of approaches and/or programs that they have seen be successful. Comments are due by March 26.  Click here on how to submit comments.

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