Legislative Update

Maintenance of Effort legislation: SB 476 passes Senate, House must act before March 28 before Comptroller begins to withhold monies-See Gazette article.  MACo Supported this legislation.

HB 474-Smart, Green, and Growing – Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission-Passed House in amended form – Vote 110-28-now moves to Senate for consideration.  MACo position and testimony: Support with Amendments

HB 58-State Government – Open Meetings Act – Definition of Public Body-Unfavorable -Health and Government Operations Committee-  MACo Opposed the bill.

HB 493-Land Use – Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreements-Unfavorable-House Environmental Matters Committee-  MACo Opposed the bill

SB 99 -Junk Dealers and Scrap Metal Processors-Required Records-Passed Senate in amended form-moves to House Economic Matters Committee for consideration-MACo postion and testimony-Support with Amendments

SB 156- Environment – Recycling – Apartment Buildings and Condominiums-Unfavorable-Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee – MACo Opposed the bill

SB 174- Counties – Local Laws – Digital Copies- Favorable with amendments-Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee-moving to Senate floor for vote – MACo-Supported with amendments

SB 257- Vehicle Laws – Disposition of Traffic Citations-Unfavorable-Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee-bill withdrawn

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