Stormwater Management regulations draw attention, criticism

Proposed regulations by the Maryland Department of the Environment continue to be a hot policy issue in Annapolis. Legislation has been introduced to delay and curtail the proposed regulations, even while the Department is “on notice” from legislative leaders to pursue a compromise with the affected communities. MACo has been among several interested parties raising concerns with the regulatory effect on “downtown” redevelopment projects, and the potential for interference with multi-step projects already underway but planned to conform to regulations in current law, rather than the proposed higher standard.

From MACo’s previous coverage of this issue:

(At a January 26 briefing) Committee Chairman Maggie McIntosh … gave MDE four weeks to complete its guidance documents. She warned that if the guidance did not show adequate flexibility, “you will have bills.”

HB 1125, sponsored by Delegate Holmes, has been introduced and set for a public hearing on March 5 in the House Environmental Matters Committee.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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