Counties urged to support federal Medicaid extension

The National Association of Counties is urging quick action on new federal legislation to extend the federally-supported benefits under the Federal Medical Assistance Program (F-MAP). S. 3000, introduced by Senator Rockefeller of West Virginia, would provide a six month extension of this funding.

From the NACo email bulletin:

Include Six Month Extension of Enhanced Medicaid Assistance in Jobs Bill

The Senate is preparing to take up a package of measures designed to promote job growth as early as next week (February 8-12). Call or email your senators TODAY and urge them to include a six month extension of the enhanced Medicaid federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP) that was included in the Recovery Act and is set to expire December 31, 2010.

NACo supports the provisions of a stand-alone bill (S. 3000) to extend FMAP assistance to June 3, 2011, introduced yesterday by Senator Rockefeller (D-W.V.). It also contains crucial language to reinforce the pass-through language for counties in states that require them to contribute to the non-federal share of Medicaid.

Ask both your senators to support including the FMAP extension (S. 3000) in the jobs bill. Remind them that states and counties will have to make job-killing cuts if their Medicaid shortfalls are not addressed NOW.

For Maryland, even though the counties do not directly fund the Medicaid program, failure of the federal government to extend this program would mean loss of nearly $400 of budgeted funds in the current FY 2011 state budget — likely leading to increased pressure for even deeper cuts to county programs and services.

To take action on this issue, visit the NACo action portal here.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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