MACo Supports Open Meetings Bill

Maryland Association of Counties Associate Director Les Knapp testified in support of HB 211 before the House Government and Operations Committee on February 3.  The bill alters the state’s Open Meetings Act by requiring public bodies to post notice either via a website or in a publicly accessible place and repealing a requirement that the notice be in writing whenever possible.  The bill also places a 1-year time limit on when a person can bring a complaint before the Open Meetings Law Compliance Board.

Mr. Knapp testified that the bill essentially modernizes the notice requirements to reflect that the Internet has become the primary means of information and news distribution.  He also stated the 1-year limit protected counties and the Board from having to defend or adjudicate spurious claims while still allowing ample time for an aggrieved party to file a valid complaint with the Board.

The Board also supported the bill.

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