Center Maryland Editorial Calls For Delay of Stormwater Regulations

A January 21 Center Maryland editorial calls for the delay of Maryland’s new stormwater management regulations until concerns over the regulations’ impact on Smart Growth and redevelopment can be fully considered.  Citing Virginia’s recent decision to delay implmentation of its own stormwater regulations and noting concerns raised by Maryland developers and local governments on the regulation’s impact on redevelopment, Center Maryland urges the regulations be suspended until a solution is found.

The news yesterday that Virginia has put its new stormwater regulations on hold is an approach worth consideration by Maryland, where officials are struggling with mounting complaints over their own new stormwater rules. …

While some fear that Virginia’s delay is just the first step toward killing any new stormwater regulations, it’s not worth taking the risk of stopping development across the state.

Maryland faces the same risk. It’s time for a pause on the new stormwater regulations until a solution can be found that promotes a cleaner bay and promotes the kind of Smart Growth and redevelopment that is needed for our future.

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