Frederick County Municipalities Sue County Over School Capacity Ordinance

The Frederick News Post is reporting that Frederick County municipalities, including the City of Frederick, Middletown, Rosemont, Emittsburg, Woodsboro, Thurmont, and Brunswick, plan on challenging a county school ordinance in court.  The ordinance could limit development of newly annexed properties if there is a lack of school capacity.

[County commissioners] said the law applies to the county because municipal growth feeds into county schools. Towns and cities without meaningful growth requirements are flooding county schools and denying everyone a quality education, commissioners said.

“I think it’s very sad the leaders of the municipalities are going to go to court to overcrowd the schools in their communities,” Commissioners President Jan Gardner said.

“They want a right to overcrowd the schools, but no responsibility toward the solution.”

Municipalities are arguing the commissioners did not prove any significant adverse effects during a public hearing on the issue.

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