MSEA Superintendent Calls for Teacher Evaluation and Pay Reforms

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, at a State school board meeting on Thursday, State Superintendent of Schools Nancy Grasmick called for reforms in teacher evaluation and compensation, including:  (1) lengthening the time it takes for teachers to receive tenure; (2) linking teacher performance evaluations to test scores; and (3) requiring local unions to bargain over whether teachers can receive incentive pay to work in courses where there is an instructor shortage.

Superintendent Grasmick argued the reforms were necessary in order to make Maryland more competitive in seeking part of the $4 billion in stimulus aid being given out by the US Department of Education.  Several local school superintendents supported the proposals.  The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) reacted cautiously.  For the full story, please see the article in the Baltimore Sun.

In his blog for the Sun, Jay Hancock argued that the reforms “weren’t bold enough”, provoking numerous comments from teachers.

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