Baltimore County Presents FY12 Budget

Today, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz presented the proposed operating budget for FY 2012. The $1.6 billion spending plan will not raise property or income taxes, maintains current services and represents a less than 1 percent increase over last year’s plan. The budget includes drawing an estimated $61 million from the county’s reserves and asking county public school officials to reexamine spending on top-level administrators.  The Baltimore Sun reports:

Council members said they were pleased with the budget, given the circumstances.

“The money’s not there,” said Council Chairman John Olszewski Sr., an Edgemere Democrat, adding that it makes that sense that the county is not filling vacant jobs, while consolidating agencies and keeping workers in existing positions.

Councilman Todd Huff, a Republican who represents northern Baltimore County, said he was excited to hear that Kamenetz’s proposal includes no tax hikes.

“I don’t see us making a lot of changes, he said.

Kamenetz described the county’s reserves — approximately $150 million, about 10 percent of the county’s budget — as healthy, saying, “The good news is that’s why the money is there.”

He struck an optimistic tone as he concluded his address

“I assure you that Baltimore County will weather the difficulties that we will undoubtedly face in the future,” he said.

A press release issued by Baltimore County provides an overview of the FY 12 budget:


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