Fun Fact: Where Can You Find Special Historical Hauntings This Halloween Season?

Maryland is full of historical places, some of which are connected to haunted stories. What better time than the month of October to go and explore some of the “haunted” locations in Annapolis.

Historic Annapolis is offering Special Historical Hauntings during the month of October. Annapolis has a rich history that many find can be a bit spooky too. Guides will be taking visitors through downtown Annapolis, visiting some of the lesser-known haunted sites. People will be able to hear from diary entries and newspaper articles about what frightened early Americans living there.

Also included is a stop inside historic Hogshead, where you will be immersed in the tales of those living in Annapolis during the Revolutionary War. Listen to stories of spirits that linger in the mist, and explore one of Annapolis’ best-known cemeteries.

Annapolis is one of many locations offering ghost tours and special October and Halloween themed tours. Please see Special Historic Hauntings for more information.