Frederick County Welcomes New Director of Human Resources

Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater appointed Emily Fiftal to lead the County’s Human Resources Division. Ms. Fiftal brings over two decades of experience in human resources and employment law and experience in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) efforts. The appointment was confirmed by the Frederick County Council this week.y

Emily Fiftal (photo courtesy of Frederick County)

“Ms. Fiftal is the leader we need to modernize our talent management and make Frederick County a highly sought-after employer,” said County Executive Fitzwater. “She brings invaluable experience to help us strive toward an employee-centered approach in her position as the Human Resources Director.”

“I want to recognize Deputy Director Shannon Powell for her service as Acting Director. I am incredibly grateful for her continued service to our workforce and residents.”

According to a press release:

Ms. Fiftal brings an extensive background in employee management compliance and best practices training. Her decades of experience in senior leadership roles have allowed her to manage every aspect of human resources.

Ms. Fiftal earned her juris doctorate from Case Western University School of Law with a certificate in litigation and her bachelor’s degree in communications science from Truman State University. Her appointment takes effect on September 11.

Visit the Frederick County website for more information.