MACo Welcomes ezVOLTz as New Corporate Partner!

ezVOLTz has joined MACo’s Corporate Partner Program as a Bronze Partner! 

Let’s learn a little more about ezVOLTz and how they’ve found the solution for cities and local jurisdictions to take charge of their EV infrastructure.

The increasing popularity and projected market growth of electric vehicles, expected to rise from 2% to 25-30% by 2030, have prompted the infusion of federal funds into state markets to promote EV adoption. However, municipalities and local authorities face the challenge of managing this swift shift from fossil fuels to electric power.

At present, charging stations across the United States are independently owned and operated in isolated setups. This decentralization leaves government entities without access to real-time data regarding the performance and functionality of chargers within their respective regions.

ezVOLTz addresses this issue by offering a Charging Management solution that optimizes, connects, and monetizes all OCPP chargers. This approach establishes a charger-centric model, enhancing supply-chain resiliency. Through the platform, jurisdictions can gather and monitor real-time data. Furthermore, the cloud-based commercial fleet management platform, integrated into the system, delivers features such as capacity management, charging schedules, dynamic load adaptation, and sharing, as well as end-to-end user cost management.

Complemented by the ezVOLTz™ mobile app, which provides visibility and turn-by-turn navigation for all Charge Point Operators (CPOs), ezVOLTz™ presents an optimized, centralized, and interconnected platform. This empowers Large Enterprise Organizations and Government Fleets to efficiently oversee and enhance their EV charging programs and EV-related investments.

This groundbreaking mobile app offers EV drivers the capability to locate all nearby available chargers and plan extended journeys. It alleviates Range Anxiety, the fear of running out of power before reaching a destination, by aiding drivers in planning stops along their routes. Unlike most driver apps that only display a limited list of charging stations within their networks, ezVOLTz stands out by providing a comprehensive list.

ezVOLTz stands dedicated to simplifying and widely promoting the adoption of EV transportation, working diligently towards making this transition a reality. Download the web version of the Driver Navigation App.

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Thank you to ezVOLTz for being a MACo Bronze Corporate Partner!

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