Fun Fact: What is the Official Sport Of Maryland?

With its roots that date back to the Middle Ages, Jousting is the official sport of Maryland. Maryland was the first state to have an official sport.

As the world’s oldest equestrian sport, Jousting, which once had military connections, has now become a popular sport. Maryland holds tournaments each year where knights, noblemen, and kings compete. These tournaments started during early colonial times but became more popular after the Civil War.

Tournaments held in Maryland are called “ring tournaments” meaning horses will charge and run through a course with suspended rings.

 Using a long, fine-tipped lance, the rider has 8 seconds to complete the course and “spear” the rings, scoring points accordingly. From three equally-spaced arches, rings are hung 6 feet 9 inches above the ground and range in diameter from one-quarter inch to nearly two inches depending upon the skill-level of the contestant.

Jousting tournaments can be seen throughout the state including: Harford County, the Eastern Shore, Calvert County and Western Maryland.

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