Local Health Departments Taking Action During Extreme Heat Wave

Local health departments are partnering with multiple divisions to rapidly deploy resources in response to the unprecedented heat wave this week. 

With record high-temperatures forecasted over the week in Maryland, county health departments are taking action to keep residents safe across the state. Local public health officials have been pooling resources and sharing warnings over social media handles and other outreach locations to keep communities cool in the unseasonably hot weather. Libraries, schools, recreation centers, and other community partners are coming together to help.

In conjunction with health departments, emergency management programs have been activated across multiple jurisdictions. Communications are directing people to a number of locations and educational tools to prevent casualties. With an all-hands-on-deck approach, public pools in Baltimore City are even staying open later to accomodate guests longer.

Mobile cooling stations as well as static cooling locations are opening all over the state to ensure people in need have a place of refuge. Carroll has opened 15 locations, Harford came online yesterday as well with 11 locations. Anne Arundel worked with Annapolis City to deploy and extend cooling resources to offer more availability across the jurisdiction and through the end of the week.

Howard has been posting best practice notifications to educate community members on how to stay safe, when heat exhaustion and heat stroke can set in fast. In addition to cooling stations, Montgomery is driving awareness to the Look Before You Lock campaign to make sure parents and pet owners do not accidently leave loved ones in cars.