Shaping Tomorrow: Join the Conversation on Washington County’s Comprehensive Plan 2040

The Washington County Planning Commission, in collaboration with the Department of Planning & Zoning, has announced a series of Public Information Meetings to discuss and gather input on the newly released Comprehensive Plan 2040.

These meetings will provide an opportunity for citizens to actively participate in shaping the future of the county’s land use and overall community development. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a blueprint for the county’s growth and development over the next two decades, encompassing critical areas such as economic development, housing, transportation, water resources, agricultural preservation, historic and cultural resources, and more. Through collective engagement, the community can envision the county’s evolution and ensure that it remains a vibrant and thriving place for all residents.

The series of Public Information Meetings will be held at various locations across the county, each offering an opportunity for attendees to learn about the Comprehensive Plan and share their thoughts. Staff members from the Planning Commission will be on-site to deliver brief presentations, answer questions, and receive valuable feedback from the public.

Meeting Schedule:

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the Comprehensive Plan 2040 website to access the full plan, join the mailing list for updates, follow the official Facebook page for announcements, and submit questions and comments via email to