Fun Fact: What Happened to Mr. Boh’s Eye?

National Bohemian Beer, also known as Natty Boh’s, is Baltimore City’s most famous brew.  Although no longer brewed in Maryland, Natty Boh’s has a rich history within the state.

The beer company started in 1885 in Baltimore City. After Prohibition, Natty Bohs introduced their winkey-faced mascot Mr. Boh. So why does Mr. Boh only have one eye? There are many different rumors as to why he only has one eye. The most common one is that during post-prohibition, Gunther’s beer was Natty Boh’s largest competitor. Their motto was “Gunther’s got it.” So as a fun interaction with their competitor, when asked why Mr. Boh only had one eye, Natty Boh’s would say, “Gunther’s got it.”

In the 1940s, National Bohemian’s was the first in the country to introduce 6-pack cans into the market. The company realized a 4-pack was too small and 8 was too many. Throughout the decades, Natty Bohs has changed ownership and distribution locations. However, they have remained extremely popular in Maryland and can be found throughout the state and represented at different sporting and events locations.

“And yes, it’s true that National Bohemian has become, through years of long-lasting leisure seeking and unwavering dedication to good food, good friends, good families & great times, an icon of our Chesapeake traditions, and Charm City’s laid back and carefree lifestyle.” – National Bohemian

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