Fun Fact: Now in Anne Arundel County, This Military School Resided in Rhode Island During the Civil War

While it is currently located in Anne Arundel County, in the heart of Annapolis, the U.S. Naval Academy wasn’t always in Maryland.

The school was founded in 1845 but then restructured as the Naval Academy in 1850. However it wouldn’t remain in Maryland for all of these years, and had a brief time in Rhode Island.

Photo courtesy of US News Travel

“During the American Civil War the academy was moved to Newport, R.I.” The reason for the move, was that Maryland was considered one of the border states during the war. It was important for the Academy and its future officers to be located in the northern states away from a possible attack. The Academy was temporarily turned over to be a hospital for the Union Army. Shortly after the war, the Academy went back to Annapolis.

Students undergo a four year education. “The core academic curriculum consists of courses in engineering, the physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Professional training is given in such subjects as small arms, drill, seamanship and navigation, tactics, naval engineering, naval weapons, military law, naval electricity and electronics, and leadership. Graduates are awarded the degree of bachelor of science and a commission as ensign in the Navy or as second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.”

“During the American Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World Wars I and II, the course was shortened to provide more officers for the fleets.”

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