NACo Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy

Protecting data assets and the enterprise brand is vital to being a cybersecurity leader.  This online 12-week collaborative readiness program led by Fortune 500 CISOs delivers a proven framework and insight on how to lead and secure a network and an organization.

The Enterprise Cybersecurity Academy is built on three core tenets: accessibility, relevance and efficiency and focuses on addressing five critical capabilities gaps:

 The 12 weekly modules are:

  1. The Security Leadership Mindset
  2. The Art of Security Intelligence
  3. The Balance Between Security & Innovation
  4. Security Change Management
  5. Positive Leadership in Security
  6. Collaboration & Negotiation
  7. Security Communication
  8. Relationship Management
  9. Security & the Network of Things
  10. Your Changing Role in Security
  11. Simulated Cyberattack
  12. The Power of One

Enroll your existing and emerging cybersecurity managers and their teams today at Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy. Don’t miss out apply now – the next class kick-off is July 31, 2023.