Affordable Housing Program Supported by Counties

On January 31, 2023, Associate Policy Director Dominic Butchko testified before the House Environment and Transportation Committee in support of HB 0060 – Housing Innovation Pilot Program and Housing Innovation Fund – Establishment (Housing Innovation Pilot Program Act of 2023).

The bill’s cross-file, SB 0315, was referred to the Senate Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee on January 27, 2023.

This bill calls for the establishment of the Housing Innovation Pilot Program to provide funds for mixed-income, cross-subsidized housing, and to facilitate an increase in the volume of housing production. In effect, HB 0060 goes some way toward properly equipping counties with the necessary resources to develop their own cost-effective housing projects, at a critical juncture in the affordable housing crisis.

From the MACo Testimony:

HB 60 would provide a significant tool for jurisdictions seeking to take direct action in their local housing markets. The program would provide dollar-for-dollar matching funds for county housing projects meeting certain state criteria. These matching funds would take the form of either low or no interest loans, both giving the state a renewable programmatic funding source and counties access to low-cost capital.

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