three+one Provides Tools that Understand Your Time Commitment

MACo Endorsement Partner three+one is made by public officials for public officials.

Cashvest® by three+one® uses proprietary algorithms to produce data-driven analysis and time-horizon evaluations. This information is applied to safely increase yields on current cash deposits and enhance revenue sources. Budgetary pressures have never been greater for public sector entities and higher ed institutions. cashvest® will identify the longevity and predictability of your cash liquidity, giving you superior options for your bank deposits.

Your time is valuable, your work is important, and because the three+one team is composed of public officials too, they have perfected how to onboard your public entity to cashVest without further stretching your finite resources.

In fact, we utilize data files your internal teams are already producing. With an easy onboarding protocol that relies on non-intrusive, view-only banking data, cashVest is able to provide immediate and actionable strategies.

Learn more and view the video below.