Charles Launches Grant Program to Extend Broadband to Residents with Long Driveways

Alpha Stock Images - Charles County Commissioners and the Rural Broadband Task Force announced a grant program to help residents cover the costs of installing service drops — the connection from the right-of-way to the customer’s premises to the existing broadband network — for homes/businesses at the end of long, private driveways.

The Long Driveway – Category 3 Grant Program will assist in funding connectivity on long driveways where the cost to extend has been the primary barrier to obtaining service. The grant covers 90 percent of the construction drop, up to $15,000, to connect homes at the end of long, private driveways with a broadband network.

According to Charles County:

To apply for the grant, click here. Residents who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program may be eligible for a Hardship Waiver for the 10 percent resident contribution of the construction cost.

Over the last three years, the Rural Broadband Task Force has made significant inroads in their efforts to bring broadband into unserved areas of the county.  The county continues to work with Verizon, Comcast, and ThinkBig to expand broadband coverage in the county and connect our unserved residents. For more information on Charles County broadband efforts, visit our website at

The County will closely monitor the program due to its limited funding source and encourages residents to apply now. The funding for the program comes from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Visit the Charles County website for more information.