Broadband Bootcamp for Counties

Join the National Association of Counties (NACo) Broadband Boot Camp for Counties beginning November 3.

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This interactive webinar series is geared towards county officials and senior staff who are new to the broadband world and are seeking to get involved on connecting their communities to high-speed internet access. Hear from experts in the field on the What, Why, and How behind broadband deployment, and get all of your questions answered within a forum designed exclusively for county officials and staff.

Registration is FREE for NACo Members. Every Maryland county is a member of the National Association of Counties (NACo), and all Maryland county elected officials and staff are invited to register for this series.

November 3
What is Broadband? A Foundational Review for Counties

What is fiber technology? What is satellite broadband technology? Which technology is most appropriate for my community?

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November 10
Why Counties Are Central in the Effort to Deploy High-Speed Internet
The county role is pivotal to deploying high-speed internet. Join us for the second installment in the Broadband Boot Camp for Counties series to discover why counties play an essential role as partners, data aggregators, and organizers in the deployment of high-speed internet that is accessible and affordable for all.

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November 17
Effective County Strategies for Broadband Deployment Projects and Partnerships

There are a myriad of ways in which counties can get involved in broadband deployment and adoption efforts.

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***All webinars are 3 pm – 5 pm EST***