Reminder: SDAT’s 2022 Annual Business Filings Due Next Week

2022 Annual Reports, Personal Property Tax Returns, and deadline extension requests must be filed for all domestic and foreign business entities by next Friday, April 15, 2022.

These filings are due by the April 15 deadline for entities to remain in “good standing” status. The quickest and easiest way to submit these filings is through the Maryland Business Express website.

“SDAT is well-poised to help our customers with the annual filings process and is very proud to have a fast and reliable system in place, making it easier and faster than ever to plan, start, manage and grow a business here in Maryland,” said SDAT Director Michael Higgs.

According to an SDAT press release:

In order to maintain “good standing” status, all business entities formed, qualified or registered to do business in Maryland must file an annual report every year. If your business owns, leases, or uses personal property in Maryland and/or maintains a trader’s license with a local unit of government in Maryland, you must also file a Personal Property Tax Return.

The current Annual Report filing fee for most domestic and foreign entities is $300, and every entity has the option to extend the due date to June 15 at no charge. Legislation was submitted at the request of Governor Larry Hogan to amend Maryland’s Annual Report fee structure to be more competitive with those of neighboring states and incentivize online filing. Regardless of the legislation’s outcome, all filing fees are due for 2022 annual filings.

For more information about the required annual filings or to view the status of your business, visit the Maryland Business Express page on maintaining good standing status. To view entity filings for free online and review the legal status of your business, access our Maryland Business Express Entity Search. You may now view live processing times for charter filings on Maryland Business Express.

SDAT strongly recommends that all business owners sign up for our distribution list to receive timely reminders to file these important documents and tax credit applications, and/or to receive general SDAT news updates.

For general questions about any of the information in this release, please contact SDAT’s Customer Service Contact Center at 410-767-1330. For questions specific to completing a Business Personal Property Tax Return, please call 410-767-1170 or email

Visit the SDAT website for more information.