Fun Fact: What County Boasts the Oldest College in Maryland?

If you guessed Anne Arundel County, you are correct! St. John’s College, located in Annapolis, was founded in 1696 as King William’s School.

According to the college’s website, St. John’s College is the third oldest college in the United States (reportedly behind Harvard, established in 1636, and College of William and Mary in 1693). Because of its long-standing prominence in early American education, St. John’s boasts several notable alumni such as Francis Scott Key who penned “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1814.

Over a century later in 1950, Alumni Jac Holzman and Paul Rickolt started Elektra Records in a dorm room on campus. The label included many legendary bands such as Queen, the Stooges, and MC5.

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