MD Dept of Health Slowly Recovering From Attack

Maryland’s Department of Health said it is slowly recovering from the Dec. 4 attack, using workarounds to accomplish impacted department functions. 

Yesterday the Maryland Department of Health (DoH) provided updates on the recovery effort from the Dec. 4 cyberattack and additional information on the status of Covid-19 over the past two weeks. State officials said they are working around the clock to restore the impacted systems. Workarounds are now accomplishing those state functions affected by the attack. Those working on the recovery effort were able to restore DoH’s main website, Medicaid’s systems, and the issuance of birth and death certificates.

The attack had made fighting the latest variant of covid challenging. County health leaders have noted that it is difficult to direct resources and make future projections without reliable data from the state.

According to the Daily Record:

“We continue to report what we need to report to the state,” Baltimore County Health Officer Dr. Gregory Branch, told reporters early Monday afternoon. “We’re not getting a lot of information back in any type of aggregate form, and we’re waiting for that.”

So far, state officials believe there is no evidence to suggest that there has been any unauthorized access to any data. Since there is an ongoing investigation, few details are being released about the cyberattack.

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