Go Big: Infrastructure Funding at a Crossroads #MACoCon

The pandemic has highlighted the critical nature of our infrastructure. Roads are the arteries that connect our interlocking communities and economies. The news is full of stories about port backlogs, roads and bridges deteriorating, and traffic nightmares. Without adequate federal and state funding, local governments are forced to carry the burden of upkeep alone.

At the MACo Winter Conference session, “Go Big: Infrastructure Funding at a Crossroads” an expert panel will discuss the history of infrastructure funding, challenges related to highway user revenue, and a look ahead at what can be done.

Go Big: Infrastructure Funding at a Crossroads 

Description: The federal government has debated an overdue commitment to large-scale infrastructure across many modes of transportation and public works. Meanwhile, Maryland grapples with next steps in its own overdue commitment to the roads and bridges that get people home – and are maintained by local governments. Panelists will lay out the next steps for county leaders – working to secure strong federal and state support to deliver on these essential projects underpinning our economic success. 


  •  Jessica Jennings Associate Legislative Director, National Association of Counties
  • Chris Conklin – MCDOT Director, Montgomery County
  • Kerry P. Dull – Director of Public Works, Calvert County 

Moderator: Danielle Hornberger, Cecil County Executive 

Date/Time: Wednesday, December 8, 2021; 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm 

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