MACo OPEB Trust Offers Plug-and-Play Solution for Healthcare Liabilities

The MACo OPEB Investment Trust – designed to help counties put current assets to work toward long-term health care liabilities – is performing well, delivering healthy returns, and serving member needs. Trustees convened this week for a quarterly remote meeting to review its performance and management.

Miss the meeting, but want a copy of the reports? Contact MACo, we’ll set you up with either paper or e-copies. (Inquiries seeking a chess match should be sent under separate cover)

The Board of Trustees of the MACo OPEB Investment Trust convened a quarterly meeting via WebEx on September 10. In addition to reviewing investment strategy and performance, and discussing the landscape for long-term public investing, the Trustees fielded comments from conference attendees who do not yet belong to the Trust, but are considering their long-term OPEB options.

The Trust serves county and municipal governments, but also county-supported entities like libraries and community colleges. If your county, or other local government entity, has a long-term liability for retiree health care (and most of us do), consider the Trust as an easy “plug and play” option to put current assets to work toward those long-term liability.

Maryland law allows local governments to invest funds for this purpose in less restricted ways than true “public funds,” but only if they are committed in a Trust. The MACo OPEB Investment Trust was designed to make this easy and inexpensive to do. And if you already have a local Trust, you may still invest some of all your assets into the MACo OPEB Investment Trust to take advantage of the group’s collective buying power to gain attractive yields and low overhead costs.

Find out more on the Trust website, or request a copy of materials from the September 2021 meeting, by contacting Michael Sanderson, MACo Executive Director and ex-officio Trustee.



Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties