Fun Fact: Zebras Are on the Loose in This County!

It’s true. Five zebras have escaped from a private farm in Prince George’s County and are running wild.

According to the Washington Post, the owner has made many attempts to lure them back using grain and a temporary corral but has had no luck. Owning zebras is legal in Maryland, and the farm they call home has 39 total and is up to date on all permits required by law with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Prince George’s County Animal Services chief, Rodney Taylor, says it will be a while before they are caught.

“If you build a corral area all at once, they’re very sensitive, and they won’t come there to eat. So you have to put up a few panels at a time,” Taylor said.

Zebras spook easily and residents are advised to not approach or pet them. They may bite.

Anyone who sees the zebras is asked to call the Prince George’s County Animal Services Division at 301-780-7242.

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