Fun Fact: You Can Find a Mermaid in This Coastal County

In 2020, the East Coast’s first museum dedicated to mermaids was established in Worcester County.

While you can’t meet one of Ariel’s descendants in person in downtown Berlin, Maryland, you can learn all about the mythology and lore of mermaids at the Mermaid Museum.

Located about 9 miles inland from Ocean City, the museum is the creation of local artist and photographer Alyssa Maloof. She converted her second-floor photography studio into a space celebrating mermaids after researching their history and legends among different cultures around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The museum has a variety of displays, including a space dedicated to tracking mermaid sightings as early as the first century C.E. and as recently as 2017. Other oddities include “mermaid scales” discovered on the nearby Isle of Wight, the Feejee Mermaid (of P.T. Barnum fame), and a Cheeto shaped like a mermaid.

Want to visit or learn more? The Mermaid Museum is open six days a week and has only an $11 admission fee.

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