With No Federal Eviction Moratorium, Many Maryland Residents May Be Hurt

In an August 26, 2021 article, the Baltimore Sun reports that the impact of the United States Supreme Court’s recent holding blocking the Biden Administration’s eviction moratorium could result in many Marylanders losing their homes.

The Sun notes:

“[n]early 26,000 Baltimore City households… are behind in rent, according to a report by Chief Judge John P. Morrissey of the Maryland District Court.”

Originally, the federal eviction moratorium was implemented in areas “experiencing substantial or high rates of coronavirus transmission… [including] all of Maryland.”

The Sun adds that, throughout Maryland, minority populations are especially at risk of eviction with Latino residents making up 28.3% of those behind on rent, and African American residents representing 21.5%. Many local jurisdictions are providing rental assistance to stave off a potential eviction crisis, including $4 million in Baltimore County and $20 million in Baltimore City.

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