Let’s Play… “Are You Smarter than MACo’s Michael Sanderson?” Can You Beat Michael’s Time in this MD County Quiz?

Can You Beat Michael’s Time in this MD County Quiz? Let us know your time by tagging us @MDcounties

Amidst an early-morning social media discussion about Maryland policy and geography, noted public opinion researcher and multiple-appearance Conduit Street Podcast guest Mileah Kromer of Goucher College (and Goucher Poll fame), offered this unexpected challenge:

Given that provocation, Mr. Sanderson, MACo’s easily-goaded Executive Director, offered his quiz results:

So… a 100% score (thankfully) and a time of 48 seconds. Apparently, that’s the standard to beat!

MACo staff would note here that Mr. Sanderson, when provoked, rapidly offered to us an array of explanations for his time, indicating that caffeine and a mouse-monitor setup would surely have yielded an even more impressive final time. Staff detected a substantial element of “girlfriend in Canada” tone to these claims…

Another lively Twitter thread popped up around this quiz soon afterward.

Regardless, we think the challenge is now on to you, our Conduit Street readers. Go visit the Maryland Counties Quiz on the Seterra website, and post your own 100% result and final time, tagging the @MDCounties twitter account… or email your screenshot to Victoria at vmaas@mdcounties.org. Beat Michael’s 48 second time, and we’ll give you a shout-out on an upcoming episode of the Conduit Street Podcast.

Current Conduit Street Podcast hosts and immediate family NOT eligible for fabulous prizes.