Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program Accepting Applications from Local Governments, Others for FY22

Woman in hardhat working in industrial facilityMaryland Energy Administration has announced that it is now accepting applications for the FY2022 cycle of the Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program. The program provides 0% interest rate loans for local governments implementing cost-effective energy efficiency and conservation improvements for existing or to-be constructed facilities. Non-profits, business, and other non-public organizations may apply for 1% interest rate loans.

Loans are available on a first come, first served basis. The MEA website provides the following information about the budget for the loan program:

A total of $2,175,000 in Lawton Loan funds are available in FY22. Funds will have restrictions during the first half of the fiscal year based on the type of borrower. During the first six months of FY22, $1,200,000 of Lawton Loan funds will be set aside for State agencies. For the first three (3) months of FY22, $220,000 of the remaining balance will be set aside for qualifying nonprofit organizations. After the three (3) month period, all remaining dollars not restricted to State agencies will become available to all qualifying nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local governments. After the first six (6) months of FY22, the State agency restriction will be lifted and the entire remaining balance of Lawton Loan funds will be made available to all eligible parties on a first-come, first served basis.

Additional details, program documents, sample loan documents, and regulations governing the program are available on the MEA website.