Hutchins Announces Resignation from Calvert Commissioners

Commissioner “Tim” Hutchins announced his resignation from the Calvert County Commissioner, effective June 28.

Commissioner Hutchins announced his departure as the Commissioners wrapped their work on the FY 2022 budget, and contacted the county’s Republican Central Committee to begin the replacement process.

From coverage on The Bay Net website, also the source of the live video embedded above:

“Having spent my early youth in the quietness of the crossroads of Barstow, I went on to serve in many organizations and capacities both here and abroad. Thus, it was a particular honor to come back to Calvert and serve you in my home district,” said Commissioner Hutchins, while announcing his resignation to the public during the BOCC open session meeting on June 8.

Hutchins had previously served in the House of Delegates, and in multiple senior positions in State government, including Secretary of State Police and Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs.

The replacement for the vacant seat will come from the Governor, based on input from the county’s central committee.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties