Conduit Street Podcast Presents: Building Confidence in the COVID-19 Vaccine

MACo and the Conduit Street Podcast are proud to present an installment from our sister association, the New York Association of Counties, and their own County Conversations Podcast. In this episode, “Building Confidence in the COVID-19 Vaccine,” they talk with public health experts who will discuss strategies and messaging that county leaders and local health officials can use to reassure the public of the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage everyone eligible to get vaccinated.

Our thanks to the team at NYSAC for the courtesy, and… listeners, stay tuned for future collaboration.

MACo has made the podcast available through all major platforms by searching Conduit Street Podcast. You can also listen on our Conduit Street blog with a recap and link to the podcast.

You can listen to previous episodes of the Conduit Street Podcast on our website.