Bay Bridge Traffic Already Building, Queen Anne’s Ready With Contingency Plans

This Summer local leaders in Queen Anne’s County are anticipating a need to use strong measures to keep residents safe and traffic flowing.

Seasonal beach traffic on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge has long created gridlock during the Summer months, generating delays for commuters, visitors, and critically import emergency first responders. Popular navigation apps divert travelers off of U.S. Route 50 and onto side roads to avoid traffic. The large increase in volume on smaller roads prohibits residents from getting home and emergency vehicles from reaching accidents.

In response, the County Sherriff’s department is posting deputies along the highway to keep the shoulders clear for emergency vehicles. Local officials are also anticipating a need to use stronger measures like the already approved plans to close ramps off Route 50 if traffic becomes so great that it poses a threat to public health.

From coverage in WUSA9:

Those plans have been invoked on rare occasions in the past, but are likely to be used more often this season, according to Queen Anne’s County Board of Commissioners At-Large member Jim Moran.

“I envision that they’re going to be doing that more this year,” Moran said.

Moran and Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department President Jody Schulz cited a 13-mile backup that occurred Sunday, May 23, before the traditional beginning of the summer season on Memorial Day weekend.

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