Senate Passes “Framework” for 2021-22 Testing, Tracing, Vaccinating

The Maryland Senate has passed legislation creating direction and specifying funding for ongoing testing, tracing, and vaccinating efforts as the COVID crisis continues. The bill has not yet received action in the House.

Senator Jim Rosapepe, lead sponsor of SB 741

SB 741, amended and passed by the Senate, would create a framework for Maryland’s continued efforts to respond to and contain the coronavirus pandemic. The bill, sponsored by Senator Rosapepe and others, details multiple facets of the State/county relationship for these functions, and specifies funding amounts to be supported by anticipated federal dollars.

The bill also envisions a “Maryland Health Jobs Corps” as a new entity to help provide trained staff to assist with the many ongoing responsibilities in the public health response. Across Maryland, jurisdictions are widely using cross-designated employees, public safety personnel, and other patchwork arrangements to meet the overwhelming needs in the public health response.

Important resources on the bill, being heard in the House Health & Government Operations Committee on Tuesday, March 30:

Text of Third reader bill (including all Senate amendments)

DLS Fiscal and Policy Note (may be revised after Senate passage)


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties