Locals Say Grant Program Will Help Small Businesses Bounce Back

On March 16, MACo Policy Associate Drew Jabin testified before the Senate Finance Committee to support SB 740 – Economic Development – COVID-19 – Small Business Grant Program (COVID-19 Crisis Small Business Survival Program Act of 2021). This bill establishes a new grant program to support small businesses combat the economic hardships they face due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the MACo Testimony:

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, both the State and counties have recognized the dramatic effects of this altered economy on many small businesses across Maryland. Targeted support has been developed to protect them from overwhelming revenue loss, and to support safety investments to enable continued operations.

SB 740 extends this practical approach, with funds directed through counties as a central vehicle of this continued effort. Counties, through their economic development agencies, are closely in touch with their local business communities, and are best suited to connect to their most pressing needs.

SB 740 creates a framework of small business support, including counties as a principal conduit, and can further protect these engines of our economy.

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