How About Some “Notable Maryland Bills” Today?

We recommend a Twitter user’s weekday threads, as he peruses the upcoming hearing schedule and comments on bills about to be heard “in Annapolis.”

Looking for ways to stay in touch during a mostly remote 2021 legislative session? Wondering what else is out there in the Annapolis policy landscape? Are you a committed Annapolis diehard trying to decide where to point your browser for each day’s online public hearings?

Follow Alex Holt on Twitter. For every weekday of the General Assembly session, he’s been leafing through the hearing schedule, and profiling bills coming up the next day for their public hearings. A great shortcut way to add some context to your session-watching. There are literally thousands of bills introduced each session, if you are only following one or ten of them… here’s what you’ve been missing!

Here’s his installment (click to open the full thread) from Monday night, looking at bills from the February 23 hearing schedule:

Search Twitter for Alex Holt’s hashtag #NotableMarylandBills

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties